Bragging Right

Bragging RightOver the weekend I attended a seminar (Life Success Seminars).  One of the insights I took from the seminar is it is real easy to brag about our faults and forget about our successes.

The word “brag” generally carries a negative connotation which leads many us to avoid sharing our successes.  I believe this social norm has contributed to us focusing on our negative qualities and forgetting our strengths and successes.   Almost all success strategies revolve around the idea our reality is directly related to our thoughts and feelings.  Since society does not accept bragging we need to find new ways to acknowledge our successes.

Many of you have probably heard the term “Bragging Rights” which is interesting in its own right.  “Bragging Rights” connotes deserving or righteousness which is probably what rubs people wrong about bragging in the first place.

With all this negative spin regarding bragging I still think people need to share their light, share their successes.

I suggest “Bragging Right” versus “Bragging Rights.”

So how can you brag right?

  • Actions speak louder than words you can start by getting engaged in your work and your relationships.  Engagement lends itself to “showing off” your gifts and accomplishments.
  • Another technique is showing interest in others.  By asking others about their successes it naturally leads to reciprocal interest.  The most interesting person is the interested person.
  • Sharing your knowledge is another way to show off your skills.  You don’t even need to point out your expertise it becomes evident while you are sharing your wisdom.
  • Being bold and tooting your own horn occasionally is always an option as well as long as it is balanced with  a sincere interest in others.

So tell me about 5 Things that you are proud of in your life in the comments area of this post?  Don’t pass up this opportunity to Brag Right.  It’s not bragging since I asked.  It is just sharing.

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6 Responses to “Bragging Right”

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  2. Megan (my lovely wife),

    thanks for sharing your list.


  3. megan monahan says:

    1. Writing this down 2.running a marathon and 1/2 marathon 3. getting a 4 yr. voice scholarship 4.being 5. my loving hubby and daughter

  4. Tony Miltenberger says:

    1. My love for God
    2. My family
    3. Serving my country
    4. Running 26.2 miles (twice)
    5. I believe in my job, and I am doing exactly what I want in my life

    p.s. – Brian, I didn’t see yours????

    • Tony,

      I thought you would never ask :)

      1. Being a good husband and father
      2. Running 8 Marathons, including the Marine Corps Marathon
      3. Serving as a United States Marine
      4. Writing a blog for nearly 2 years pursuing a writing career.
      5. Living every day courageously challenging myself to do things most fear.

      Thanks to all of you for sharing your successes.

  5. Richard Terpening says:

    1. On the 14th of June my wife and I will be celebrating 13 years of marriage.
    2. I have 3 children that have graduated from high school.
    3. I have a brother that has served for our country.
    4. I can smile on my worst days. :)
    5. I will post #5 on May 3rd, the day after I have ran The Mountain Goat (a 10 mile foot race) in under an hour.

  6. Julie Hogan says:

    1. I am proud of the way Rob and I have raised our kids.
    2. To have found a career that has brought me a lot of joy.
    3. I continually challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone.
    4. Living within my means.
    5. That I make it through each day!