Blogging Down the Bones

Hopefully Natalie Golderg will update her classic book “Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within” to include and updated addendum on blogging.  Natalie, if you are out there, you can even have my post title if you follow through with this idea.

Throughout Ms. Goldberg’s book she constantly takes you back to the idea of writing daily.  This is a central theme I have heard from all writers.  I have been lucky enough to spend some time with some well known authors such as Jeffrey Gitomer and Matthew Kelly.  Both alluded to some form of daily writing method.  I personally have started and stopped over the years and often wondered if I had what it takes to write.

That leads to one of the other themes in her book.  Squelching the editor.  You cannot be the editor and the writer at the same time.  In fact if you can allow someone else to be the editor that is even better.  The way to overcome being the editor falls back on the concept of writing daily.  If you want to be a writer, then write.

Ms. Goldberg’s book’s focus is on writing poems, novels and memoirs which can be a distraction at times, if your writing focus is on knowledge, expertise and opinion.  With that in mind I encourage you to push through this book.  I started reading this book in April and just finished this weekend.  It is a good read, a few chapters at a time.  This allows for digestion of her concepts.  With some writing practice in between readings, you will notice a difference in your voice.

I must say, this book has had great impact on me, I have been looking for a topic to write about for nearly five years.   Ms. Goldberg’s tips, tweaks and inspirations are scattered within her book which has inspired me to launch two blogs in the last 4 months, including this one “Expert in the Rough.”

So, I offer a “LifeHack” for “Writing Down the Bones” instead of journaling with a pen and paper, I recommend creating a blog about your life’s passion.

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