Blog Jumping

One of the best ways to grow is to expand your circle of influence.  A “circle of influence”
is  a phrase used to describe the people around you.  The world wide web and social media
has given us the opportunity to expand our “circles” like no other time in history.

My favorite way to expand my circle is by reading blogs.  Recently, I was reading one
of my favorite blogs “Shoestring Branding” by Mario Sanchez Carrion and he mentioned on
of his favorite blogs was by Mark Cuban.  I don’t know much about Mark Cuban and for
some reason I thought he was a blowhard and I would not like his message.  What’s
interesting is; he is probably a blowhard but I enjoyed reading his blog.  I started
thinking a great way to expand my circle of influence is to find out what my “influence’s”
are reading.  If Seth Godin is one of my favorite bloggers then where is he getting his

Since, I hope I am one of your influencer’s I am going to share my ten favorite blogs aside
from Seth’s Blog since that is a complete given, he’s my favorite.

Of course many of these are part of the blog echo-chamber but there are a few relatively
“popular unknowns.”

Share your favorites in the comments on my blog or Facebook.

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  1. Drew Rozell says:

    thanks Brian! appreciate the shout out! :) d