Béla Károlyi, Don’t Be a “Half-Blogger”

Béla Károlyi is not only a fabulous gymnastic coach, he is also a great example of how to manage your “Expert” opinion.

Pete Blackshaw recently posted about how Béla Károlyi had nearly surpassed Bob Costas with media and blog mentions.  Now this may not seem significant but Costas easily has 10 times the exposure as Károlyi during the Olympics but people are interested in Károlyi.

Of course Béla Károlyi is a loved gymnastics hero and has trained the best of the best but I believe there is one reason and one reason alone for his popularity right now.  He is willing to speak his mind and be politically incorrect.  During this years Olympics there has been numerous gymnastic events where the Chinese competitors have won gold medals with questionable judging.

Many commentators are willing to allude to such scenarious but Béla Károlyi has been adamant and clear in his convictions.  He does not sugar coat his opinion he says it like it is.  His remarks about the Chinese being “half-people,” are a bit off color, but you must he adds some spice to an Olympics that otherwise feels over commercialized and hyped.

I suggest when it comes to your blog or your opinion you do as Béla Károlyi does and say it like it is.

No need for sugar coating in this world.  The internet and media is crowded.  Those who speak, write and communicate with conviction will stand out.

Don’t be a “Half-Blogger.”

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