Be The One

Success is pretty easy.

Be the one!

Be the one:

  • who picks up the trash
  • who starts the company blog
  • who organizes the team
  • calls the CEO of your top prospect company
  • who starts a non-profit helping somebody in need
  • who identifies an under served market
  • who polishes their public speaking at Toastmasters
  • who takes additional writing classes
  • who hires a personal coach to guide their career
  • who updates their resume quarterly and is ready when opportunity knocks
  • who studies for additional industry certifications
  • who seeks a mentor for career guidance
  • who creates a personal board of directors to hold them accountable
  • who mentors others giving back the experience others have bestowed you
  • who does the job nobody else wants
  • who stays late when the job requires
  • who starts early to ensure the quality of their work
  • who does what others won’t, put off, forget or are afraid to do

“Be the One” when opportunity knocks who answers the door.

5 Responses to “Be The One”

  1. Jenn says:

    very good point – really the stuff that happens on the 6th grade playground never really ends

    the bully still teases and ridicules, he just does in via memos and in board meetings

    and the kid sitting alone on the playground just becomes the woman who never joins the rest of the team in the break room at lunch

    so why not practice being the one in 6th grade…..might make it more familiar when you get to practice it as an adult =)

  2. Renee,

    good luck on the updates. Feel free to run it by me if you are looking for feedback.


  3. Renee Shell says:

    I didn’t know you blogged like this! I enjoy your mind…thanks for sharing it with me. I support you being the one as well! I am going to be the one who updates their resume quarterly and is ready when opportunity knocks today!
    Hugs to you.

  4. Jenn,

    Aren’t we all really on 6th grade scale.

    thanks for stopping by with a comment.


  5. Jenn says:

    saw this first in your cross post on facebook. In the truely uncanniness of the universe I just had a conversaion with my daughter that was along these same lines (but on a 6th grade scale) just last night.

    was nice to hear it echoed so clearly today