Banana Franna, It’s the Name Game

It’s time to play the name game.  If you are going to have an expert internet presence, then you are going to need to buy the real estate.  By real estate, I mean domain names.

Now is the time to find out if your name is available as a domain name. is not available.  That is my name. is what I own (notice the P for my middle name).  It’s an OK substitute but it’s no  I wish I had it.  I have been trying to buy it for nearly 5 years.

Don’t wait until you’re famous to buy your personal domain name, because it will probably be gone.  I recommend for domain registrations.

While you are at it go ahead and register for a gmail account and a yahoo account and so on.  They’re free and they have your name in them(you hope), what fun!

Go ahead and register for any other names you might have in mind to market your business. 

FYI, this is a great way to get some momentum for a new idea or starting your expert business. 

Play the name game this week. 

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