Open Dream Night – Dream Out Loud

Open Dream Night Kind of Like Open Mic Night….But For Your Dreams When: Monday February 7th, 8pm-9pm EST Who: A person who has a Dream screaming on the inside and needs to be let out. Where: Via Teleconference….Click Here to Register Price: Complimentary …recommended donation is your email address on my newsletter list. Why: Because its OK to Dream! Excerpt From “The... read more

The Danger in the Dark

The Danger in the Dark is when we hide our warts and failures, we also hide our glory and... read more

Ted Williams – Your I’mPerfect Tour Guide

UPDATE! What can I say but my newsletter is holding up to its title “The I’mPerfect Journey” and has already found a fork in the road.  Right off the bat my newsletter delivery service was acting up.  I was considering switch but did not want to detour so fast.  Trying to send out my newsletter on Thursday night last week it accused me of being a “sp**mer” and I decided... read more

God Given Talent to Inspire – Join My Newsletter

I am getting ready to send out my hot off the presses e-newsletter and thought you might want to join. It is called “The I’mPerfect Journey” and its a way to keep in touch with my most loyal readers and help pass the word about my new professional coaching business. My mission is to inspire courage and cultivate passion.  If you could use more courage and passion I recommend you join... read more

Get More Devotional

Warning, this technique will change your life. Last year around mid-February I stumbled upon a book (I mean God put a book in my hands).  The book was a daily devotional called “Jesus Calling.” (Amazon Affiliate Link) I have mentioned the book before and it is very powerful but I wanted to talk about how to maximize your “Daily Devotional Experience.” If you are unfamiliar with... read more

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