The Coach Me Button, Not To Be Confused With The Easy Button

I Dare You to Click! Complimentary Coaching Session What would you prefer, an Easy Button or a Results Button? If you prefer the latter stick with me.  If you prefer the prior you can head to Staples or buy a lottery ticket. The “Coach Me!” concept is something that I have been developing over the last few weeks.  It started as a simple link on my websites.  I needed a place to explain my... read more

Who Is A Sacred Soul?

Not Me! At least that was my answer for the last 39 years of my life.  I had never even considered the fact that I might be a sacred soul or an important person.  I had created a belief about life that my worth comes from what I do and otherwise I have no intrinsic value. Now that is a pretty drastic statement, I have “No Intrinsic Value.”  Meaning my value is based on what I do or bring to... read more

Inpiring People – Interview Series, Sam Wilder – Positive Magazine

Barbara Walters and Geraldo Rivera it might be time for retirement.  There is a new Top Gun in town.  I am pleased to announce the inaugural “Inspiring People” interview by yours truly, Brian Monahan. Inspired = In Spirit I pulled strings and twisted some arms to get this interview with Sam Wilder the founder and publisher for Positive Magazine, an online magazine about everything... read more

Katy Perry – Audio Visual Inspiration

You have probably heard there are all types of learning styles.   Some people are better readers, some better listeners and some people are tactile.  With that in mind, you could surmise people are inspired in different ways. I hope you enjoy the video, oh, oh, oh! YouTube Link How are you... read more

Living the Dream

A phrase that has become cliche and cynical. Have you ever actually said it and felt it? Would you like to experience that feeling? What would it take for you to have that feeling? What would you be willing TO DO to have that feeling? “Living the Dream!” I am for that, how about... read more

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