I Have This Idea…Audio Recording Posted

A few weeks ago I hosted a teleclass titled “I Have an Idea For This Business; BUT.” I shared the top 5 reasons that prevent people from exploring their business ideas and inspirations.  I also shared my disdain for the word “BUT” which I like to refer to as “The Dream Killer.” I know a number of you were on vacation so I have decided to post the audio for immediate... read more

Leap, Launch or Let it Go!

Do you have an idea or inspiration which needs a direction or decision? Did you know when you are in indecision you are actually a victim? I want to explore my three favorite options for any idea or inspiration. I want you to take a moment and think about what judgements or ideas you might have related to the title of this post. “Leap, Launch or Let It Go!” What do you think when you hear or... read more

Launch to Freedom – It’s Official

        It’s official, “Expert in the Rough” is now the official blog of “Launch to Freedom” coaching. Take a moment and visit my new website “Launch to Freedom” and get a feel for what I have to offer. If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter “Launch” you can sign up and also get access to a free ebook with 21 fantastic and... read more

Leaving Your Mind Fallow

One of the best ways to boost your creativity is by creating a little space.  In today’s “Over Information Age” we are bombarded with posts, articles, videos, status updates and sp^m.  Our cups runneth over and all the info is going down the drain. I suggest the semi-modern concept of leaving your “Fields Fallow.”  Farmers learned a long time ago that if you plant the same... read more

“Living The Dream” or “Your Dream?”

A few weeks ago I spoke at Ignite Cincinnati on the Topic of “Bring Yourself to Work Day, The World Needs the Real You!” During my speech preparation I was playing around with the concept of “Living the Dream.”  “Living the Dream,” on the outside seems like a positive message but has increasingly become a snarky and sarcastic mantra in Corporate America and society in... read more

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