Steve Jobs is Gone, It’s Your Turn

I must admit, I have not spent much time learning about Steve Jobs outside of what I have heard in the media.  I have no doubt he was an absolute amazing man. With his passing yesterday, Facebook and Twitter lit up with Salutes, Memorial’s and Tributes to his greatness. I am thinking the only way to truly honor “A Great Life” is to live yours to the fullest. Steve Jobs is Gone,... read more

Broken Commitments Rock

I absolutely love when my clients break their commitments! Do you break your commitments?  Do you even make commitments? Seriously, Broken Commitments Rock! I have a feeling you think I am yanking your chain but I am not. As a coach I have an arsenal of tools and processes to help my clients create the life they want.  One of the most basic tools in my tool bag is “Accountability” and to be... read more

Are You Willing To Take the Steps?

Are you willing to take the Steps? This is a really simple concept. Most of us are not willing to do the simple daily actions to reach a goal. Our EGO would much rather wait it out for that one perfect day.  The day when everything is just perfect and we have everything we need to be successful. But our EGO is a self centered saboteur.  It will self preserve at all costs.  There will  never be a... read more

The Wrong Question

Featured Article from August 17, 2011 – Launch Newsletter The Wrong Question One of my heroes is Captain “Sully” Sullenberger. “Sully” is famous for safely landing his disabled jet on the Hudson River on an icy day in January, 2009.  The event is affectionately known as “Miracle on the Hudson” but I like to give “Sully” some of the credit in this “miracle.” A few weeks ago, I... read more

The Difference Between Options and Opportunities

A few months ago, I developed a speech called, “The 5 Right Questions to Supercharge Your Life and Business.” The premise of the speech was based on an intuitive approach to business — asking ourselves the “Right” kind of questions – those that are empowering and reflective and help us  find new answers and solutions to our life and business. The goal of today’s post... read more

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