Inspirational Spring Cleaning

Blogging is an interesting recipe.  One part inspiration, one part obligation, one part guilt and a whole lot more work than you could ever imagine. The thing I like most about blogging is following an inspiration.  The part I hate is following inspiration and not being able to fully cook my inspiration.  The results of my half baked inspirations lay dormant in my WordPress and Google Docs as drafts or... read more

Brass Balls

You bet, I am headed in the direction you are thinking? What is wrong with you anyway. Get your head out of the gutter! I said it, “Brass Balls,” like in reference to a pair. Paul Coulter a great friend and mentor of mine has a pair of Brass Balls, literally a pair suspended in plastic he has on display in his office. Sometimes he takes them on the road when presenting or speaking at... read more

Brian’s Expert Picks

A Book, a Movie,a DVD and  a Museum, I hope you enjoy! A Book Ignore Everybody and buy this book.  Hugh MacLeod the artist behind the Gaping Void “cartoons on the back of business cards” takes his stab at how to be creative.  I find the book more of a manifesto for those who are following their dreams.  This book is a fast read.  If you don’t mind reading online you can see the... read more

Call it an Experiment

Have you ever been stuck getting a project off the ground? I have a solution for you. Call it an experiment. If you treat it like an experiment there is no wrong way to get started.  You are merely testing. Once started you can make adjustments to your approach. Most projects fail because they never see the light of day. What experiment can you launch today? read more

The Real Risk and Reward

Have you ever been REAL? It is my belief the biggest risk you will ever take in your life is not being real. So many people I know are trapped living someone else’s life or vision. People do this for various reasons, peer pressure, fear of rejection, family values or other social reasons.  I can understand why this happens, maybe you have been made fun of or felt the disappointment in you by a... read more

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