Leadership: Are You Prepared? – Mike Monahan

I am proud to share a keynote speech my father delivered at The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, 2010 Small Business Excellence Awards. I am lucky to have such a great resource, role model and father. Great Job Dad! Learn More About Mike Monahan & Life Success Seminars – Click... read more

Family Overtime

Recently I was in for my annual review with my employer.  They asked me to rate myself in a number of areas.  It was the typical elements of an employee review.  Rate myself on organization, creative problem solving, effectiveness, ability to lead, ability to work with others and timeliness. I must admit (brag), I was doing good in all areas but one.  The last one, timeliness.  I have noticed I have... read more

The Slam Dunk Approach

As a project manager in the audio visual production industry I am often faced with hundreds of decisions on each and every project. Often times I am faced with nuanced decisions.  A decision that might have both positive and negative consequences.  Some examples include;  A larger screen is better for viewing but might reduce the available space for seating.  A smaller crew might lower the budget but... read more

Live and Love

There are so few; yet so many things that truly affect me spiritually on any given day.  Hugh MacLeod the artist behind the GapingVoid cartoons truly inspires me. Just in case you have not heard of him I wanted you to experience his work. This is todays cartoon. Thanks to Hugh for being generous in his Creative Commons Licensing.  I am also thankful I have not found a way to monetize this blog which has... read more

The Essence of Joy

Last night I was playing with my daughter Ella.  Ella joined the world in October 2008 and she is pure joy. Ella loves to dance and play peek-a-boo.  Ella’s favorite game is playing chase.  I get on the floor and crawl around chasing her around the house.  She gets so excited she is beside herself her legs shake and she screams at the top of her lungs.  When I finally catch her she turns around... read more

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