Help Me – Help You – Inspiring Courage & Cultivating Passion

I am going to skip beating around the bush.  I need your help and you need a kick in the pants! Many of you know I recently launched a new business venture.  For now it’s called Brian Monahan Coaching…I know it’s not the most original name but it’s in line with the values I have established here at Expert in the Rough.  Meaning….it takes courage to move forward exactly... read more

Energy and Influence – Mashup

The perfect "Mashup" quite arguably is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. The perfect combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate, but I think I have found something better. No, I didn't say something butter, but something better. No again, it doesn't involve bacon..... but bacon like chocolate is a favorite partner in many a "Mashup." read more

Daylight Saving Time – Hot Dog an Extra Hour

“If I only had more time in the day!” This is the most famous excuse this side of the Mississippi for people not to engage their dreams. Of course, this excuse has a few cousins named “lack of money” or “working for the man,” but they are all related, hence the cousin reference. So, how are these excuses related?  I like to think of them as states of mind and in this... read more

It’s Inside of Me

One of my goals for Expert in the Rough is to post an average of 1 post per week.  The last few weeks have been off the charts busy and I have not had much time to reflect. One of the insights I have gathered during the last few years of blogging is that I only need to share my perspective as I see it.  I don’t need to come up with something fancy, just something real.  Last night I remembered a... read more

Expert in the Rough Gets Some New Digs

It’s been well over two years since I launched Expert in the Rough and its threads were getting a little frayed. This theme will better serve my new personal coaching business.  More on that in a later post. In the mean time, if you find any challenges leave me a... read more

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