Are You Willing To Take the Steps?

Are you willing to take the Steps?

This is a really simple concept.

Most of us are not willing to do the simple daily actions to reach a goal.

Our EGO would much rather wait it out for that one perfect day.  The day when everything is just perfect and we have everything we need to be successful.

But our EGO is a self centered saboteur.  It will self preserve at all costs.  There will  never be a perfect day.  Your EGO is tough cookie.  It’s job is to keep you right where you are because its the only you it knows.  The EGO hates change.

So, you have a couple options.  One is you can go for “The Big Leap” which I like to call “EGO Homicide” or you can “Take the Steps.”

It’s a much gentler path.  Each and every day take a small step in the direction of your dreams and goals.  Each and every day you take charge and your EGO will eventually realize you are your dream.  Your EGO will trust you and then you can take bigger steps or maybe two steps.

What steps do you need to take today in the direction of your dreams?


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