Are You Indispensable? Linchpin Meetup – Join Us

Cover of "Linchpin: Are You Indispensable...

Cover of Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

You can easily identify a genius by the questions they ask versus the answers they have.

You can spot a Linchpin by the questions they ask of themselves?

What is a Linchpin anyway?  Seth Godin a blogging god and a business thought leader coined the term Linchpin in his latest book (titled “Linchpin”).  Forgive my promotion of Seth to god level but you can’t deny “God In” his name. Back to Linchpin.  Seth poses the question right off the bat as the tag line for the book, ”

Are You Indispensable?”

Sounds like some big boots to fill but a Linchpins are the new leaders in the workplace and society.  A new breed that can take chaos, creativity and connect others to new ideas but have a key distinguishing factor.  Linchpins “Ship” their projects and ideas.  They make it happen.  Ideas are like opinions and a**holes, we all have them.  To make the shift we must “Ship.”

Are YOU Indispensable?

Would YOU like to become indispensable?

Join me for the 2nd ever Linchpin Meetup.  Thousands of people are meeting independently around the world to discuss how Linchpins can unite and make a difference in the world and in our worlds.  The worlds we work and play in everyday.

Tuesday December 7th, 2010

Cincinnati, OH Meetup

The Bow Tie Cafe (Mt. Adams)
1101 Saint Gregory
Cincinnati, OH 45212

Event Details:

(All Meetup’s are Independently Organized) MeetUp Link

Coffee, Conversation and Cocktails. Dhani Jones opened the Bow Tie Cafe as a place where people can share their “Causes, Intention and Purpose.”

I thought this would be a great place for a Linchpin Conversation.

7:00pm Arrivals and Networking
7:30pm Begin the Linchpin Conversation
8:30pm Conclude – Continue the Conversation.

Come early or stay late. The Bow Tie Cafe has coffee, drinks and food. Visit the website for menu and directions.

Admission is free.
Conversation is Priceless.


Seth Godin’s Blog

MeetUp Link

Seth’s Post Meetup Post

More Info on Linchpin’s

Bow Tie Cafe

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6 Responses to “Are You Indispensable? Linchpin Meetup – Join Us”

  1. Richard Terpening says:

    Hello Brain, I regret to say that I have not had the pleasure of visiting your blog in quit some time. With the industry field becoming very limited, I decided I need a career change, so I went back to school. Between school, work, and family, I lave learned the value of time management.
    I have not read any work by Godin, but I will make Linchpin a school break read.
    I will add what I know about creativity and new ideas: for me they are created by breaking habit. And to answer Godin’s question, WE ARE ALL INDISPENSABLE! Our level of intellect does not define how valuable we are. Even a genius can lack the social skills to work effectively with others.
    I am looking forward to visiting regularly during my break. I wish you, your family and all the readers, Season greetings and happy holiday.

    • Richard,

      thanks for stopping back, you’re enthusiasm is greatly welcomed here.

      Seth is a great read and I think he is definitely in line with your view on being indispensable. Happy holidays to your family as well.

      I should be able to post more during the holidays as I have more time to write as well. I have lots of great post ideas rolling around in my head awaiting a block of time to formulate them for the web.


  2. Andrew B. Clark says:

    Hey Brain,

    GREAT idea for a meet-up”… If I lived in the area, I would have been there in a heartbeat.

    Good stuff!

    Keep cooking!
    Andrew B. Clark
    The Brand Chef
    .-= Andrew B. Clark´s last blog ..Tis The Season For Cause Marketing =-.

  3. Have a great meetup !
    .-= Daglinckx Didier´s last blog ..Linchpin day 7th december 2010 – Louvain-La-Neuve Meetup =-.

  4. Julie Hogan says:

    This is a great idea…but I work Tuesday evenings :( hopefully I can make the next one.
    .-= Julie Hogan´s last blog ..Abbys been thinking =-.