Expert in the Rough?

Who or What is an Expert in the Rough?

An Expert in the Rough is somebody who has a fantastic talent or passion just awaiting the worlds attention.

My name is Brian Monahan and I think that describes me pretty well. If it describes you as well, stick around. Over the last 20 years I have been reading and studying personal development. About 7 years ago I went out on a limb and started a personal coaching business. To market my business I started an E-newsletter. This sparked the writing bug for me.

This led me to the dream of becoming a motivational speaker and author. I have started and stopped following this dream over the last few years as I searched for a topic or a niche. I love business, marketing and personal development but my interests are wide.

Every time I would start, my little “I mean big” voice inside said you are not good enough. So I would dabble and move on.

Recently I was on a run and I had a great idea. During my run I said to myself over and over, “Expert in the Rough, Expert in the Rough, Expert in the Rough,”  kind of like the little piggy that went, “wee, wee, wee,” all the way home.

The idea was simple, I have been covering the experts for years. Reading their books, subscribing to their newsletters and attending their seminars. I am an expert on the experts. It was now my turn to share my spin. We are all experts so to speak. We are just in the rough waiting for someone to find us and polish us up. But let me let you in on a secret. That polisher is you. By sharing your passion you are sure to polish your image and emerge as and expert in your field or passion.

When I barged in the house to write down my idea, my wife inquired about my idea (she has seen this before.) I shared it with her but also discounted my idea by saying, “it’s probably already been covered.” She encouraged me with the idea that there is always room for multiple views on a topic.

I heard what she said but must admit that little voice inside said you better look up the domain name. It was available. I did a little further research and I did not see any sign of a similar spin on the topic. Expert in the Rough was born.

So, I have already claimed to be an expert on the experts, but I also claim to be in the “Rough” as well. This gives me the freedom to experiment. A key strategy for Experts in the Rough.

Stick around, I am just getting started. I see expert in the rough as a collaboration. Please comment and share your ideas freely.

Some features to be rolled out include:

  • Expert Case Studies
  • Expert Tech Tips
  • Expert Tools of the Trade
  • Expert Web 2.0 (its now easier than ever)
  • In the Rough Club (advisory board) email me for more information
  • Expert interviews
  • more to come

Thanks for stopping by:

Brian Monahan

AKA Coachbriany