A Case For The Yellow Light

Recently I was “Running a Red Light”** and I had a bit of an epiphany about how under appreciated the “Yellow Light” is in today’s society.

Before you jump my sh^t about running “Red Lights”, give me a little bit of credit since it’s actually quite rare for someone in a hurry barreling through intersections to have an epiphany without a tragedy like a traffic ticket or accident.  Yes, I am a rare breed of hurried and Zen like driver.

Anyway, I was thinking about my approach to life and most of the people I know.  They generally fall into two camps…”Red Lighters and Green Lighters.”

You are probably familiar with the “Red Lighters and Green Lighters.”  The “Red Lighters” are the nay sayers or the timid mice.  They find the faults and fears in an inspiration.  Then of course there are the “Green Lighters” who make lemonade from lemons and like to make things happen.

Of course, there are both positives and negatives to both approaches and I don’t mean to oversimplify either type of person.  I just want to explore the idea of a “Yellow Light” approach to life.

If we “Go” on Green and “Stop” on Red then why don’t we “Slow Down” on yellow.  I think  “Slowing down” is such an underrated option in today’s society. It’s mostly, “Go, Go, Go” unless of course it involves infringing or inconveniencing us as individuals and then its “Stop, Stop, Stop.”

Yellow is a new way of life.  “Slowing Down” is listening to the little voice inside.  It’s the voice which gives us the nuggets of wisdom we don’t find in the rush of Green and the selfishness of Red.

Yellow is gut instinct and intuition.  It’s God talking and our 5 senses in balance.

Of course, to be honest I am all about the “Green” but just for a moment I thought I would “Slow Down” and consider another option.

Yellow Light.


**Metaphoric Running of Red Light if you are a Law Enforcement Officer or my insurance company :)

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