7 Offline Tips to Market your Online Business

Offline is still a great way to market your online ventures.  Here are seven “sarcastic’ tips on how to promote your online presence or business.

1.  Attend a networking event.  Examples of networking events include parties, parks, restaurants and of course the ever famous “Business Breakfast Meeting.”  My favorite one is called “Eggs and Issues.”  Makes me feel kind of sick.  Don’t forget “The coffee is for closers.”  (Utilize tips 3, 4 and 7 while you are there.)

2.  Post a flyer on a community board about a your blog or newsletter.

3.  Speak at one of those aforementioned “Business Breakfast” meetings.

4.  Business cards, have people forgotten about marketing 101.  VistaPrint is a great value.

5.  Make a phone call, I am not sure if this counts as “offline” but at least involves a real time discussion.  Instead of emailing a request, use your tool of influence and persuasion learned by most as a baby, its called a voice.

6.  Write an article for a paper, trade publication or magazine.  I must admit this could be a crossover idea and your article might appear online but magazine and newspaper access are still viable options when Wi-Fi is not an option.

7.  Shameless Self Promotion, next time somebody asks you what have you been up to, have a story about latest project ready and waiting.  After a few minutes of puking on the unsuspecting person about your latest venture, follow up with, “What have you been up to?”

What have I been up to?

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2 Responses to “7 Offline Tips to Market your Online Business”

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  2. Georgina,

    Are you looking for some online Tips?

    I do actually consider these to be valid tips for marketing your online business “Offline”, however, the sarcasm is just to try some new writing styles on my blog.

    As with any technique there is room for abuse and SPAM can be found online as well as offline.

    So, yes do have your story ready when asked but be sure to have a plan to learn about others in the process.

    Have a great day, I am flattered I could make you smile.


  3. Hilarious! Very unique way to present counter-advice. Will you follow up with actual tips? :)