1 Post plus 10 Visitors Equals 3 Babies.

10 People stopped by my website yesterday.  I am not sure who they are.  I do know they were on Drew Rozell’s website first, thanks to my Google Analytics, which gathers way too much information.  I average around 15 visits to my website a day so this was an unusual circumstance.

When I saw this my heart pitter-pattered a bit.  Maybe Drew, my former personal coach and somebody I look up to, may have mentioned me on his website. Yes I am the eternal narcissist, so I checked my feed reader and read Drew’s latest post. It had very little to do with me and it was a sad take on the loss of his cat.  Drew is a great story teller and he also is a great writer on the Laws of Attraction.  He weaved a nice (heartfelt) article about the loss of his cat with his lessons from his life and the Laws of Attraction.

He shared a link to my website mentioning I had introduced him to Abraham-Hicks one of the most popular authorities on the Laws of Attraction.  I had no idea I was the one who referred Drew to Abraham-Hicks.  I am honored since Drew has become one of the best writers on the Laws of Attraction.  I do remember sharing LoA resources when I was working with him as a coach but never imagined I was the one to give him this referral.

Drew here is a convoluted account of how you found Abraham Hicks and why 3 babies are being born this year.

Thanks to Paul C. for sharing Abraham Hicks with me.  Drew Rozell has greatly benefited from it.

Thanks to my step mom Nancy for marrying my Dad.

Thanks to Phil H. my step grandfather.  He introduced my family to Life Success Seminars where I met Paul C.

Thanks to Bob Evans Restaurants.  Bob Evans hired my good friend Clinton C.  He moved to Cincinnati for the job.

Thanks to Cincinnati for leading Clinton C. to Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.

Thanks to Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance for causing Clinton C. to hire Paul C. as a sales coach.

Thanks to Paul C. introducing Clinton C. to Life Success Seminars which introduced Clinton to me.

Thanks to me for introducing Clinton C. to my high school friend Jeff O.

Thanks to Clinton C. for helping Jeff O. get a job at Morgan Stanley.

Thanks to Morgan Stanley for introducing Jeff O and Lora S.

Thanks to me for inspiring Clinton to move San Diego (i decided not to go.)

Thanks to Jeff O. for introducing his friend Ryan W to Clinton C.

Thanks to Clinton C. for introducing his roomate Camille to Ryan W.

Thanks to Jen K for introducing me to Drew R.

Thanks to Life Success Seminars for introducing me to Jen K.

Thanks to Life Success Seminars and Jen K. for introducing me to Megan H.

All right enough ot the thank you’s but I do want to share that you just never know how you might change the world.

Some big results from this crazy chain.

Drew Rozell very successful writer and coach on the Laws of Attraction.

Ryan and Camille are married and just had a baby.

Jeff and Lora are married and just had a baby.

Brian (me) and Megan are due to have a baby any day now.

So I am not sure what the point of this post is but a few innocent moments in life have some interesting results.

3 Responses to “1 Post plus 10 Visitors Equals 3 Babies.”

  1. Jen,

    all true, you may have not totally introduced Megan to me, but you were there during our fragile introductory phase.

    FYI, I had a blast when we both started our coaching businesses, I mean when we met for bagels at Brueggers.


  2. Jen K Bischoff says:

    Wow, I am humbled. I’d forgotten I’d introduced you to Drew. I don’t think I can accept credit for Megan, though. Regardless, I think people come together when they should (as evidenced by me and Joe who met in Minnesota years after growing up 10 minutes from each other in Cincinnati) and I’m glad the people who were meant to be in your life are there now. Not the least of whom, your little one! 😉

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