The Holly Jolly Challenge – Yeah I’m Talking to You

“Your thoughts become your reality,” and by the way this still applies during the holidays.  Over the last few months I have been on a journey to my heart and I  have been looking for new ways to enjoy life.  So many of us (I mean me) get trapped in the Holiday Hell.  Stuck running around to endless parties, fulfilling endless commitments with no connection to our (my) spirit.  I made a... read more

Where Art Thou Expert in the Rough

Expert in the Rough says it all.  It’s not only the title of my blog and a self proclamation but also my location.  Unfortunately, being truly “In the Rough” with a major career shift in 2012…I have struggled to find my voice in regards to the “Expert in the Rough” blog. I assure despite my lack of blog output, my inspiration and passion are as great as ever, I just... read more

The End

Sometimes in life we get more attached to our stories than we get attached to a different outcome. Do you ever get tired of hearing your own story over an over about what’s preventing you from living a better life? I know for me I have been telling an endless story about how my foot pain is preventing me from running, which has caused me to ditch regular fitness and eating healthy.  I know for... read more

Give and Take

Ella…my three and half year old daughter and I were partaking in one of our family traditions this morning – dancing and singing in the kitchen.  This tradition usually leads to another family favorite, extended hugs.  While my daughter was so deeply holding me I realized I have been taking more hugs than giving.  To be completely forthright this is something I have been pondering for a... read more

Happy Birthday Expert in the Rough – Congrats on the Big 624 in Blog Years

Can you believe my blog is turning 624 in “Blog Years?” That’s 4 in human years. Every year in late May I get a little teary eyed thinking about how innocently my blog started back in 2008.  A life long study of the “Gurus,”  Expert in the Rough was born as a vehicle to share my ideas about living an outstanding life (instead of regurgitating the gurus).  It’s a funny... read more

Mr. Obvious

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a leader is to pass up on the “Obvious” in an attempt to be “Profound.”  It’s an understandable mistake because often our treasured leaders are known for their profound messages. What’s interesting is if you take a step back most leaders are sharing a simple and obvious message.  Their message is not technical but... read more


Sometimes its easy to lose track of the meaning of words through context. Recently, I was sharing a conversation with a co-worker and he mentioned the word courage and encourage in close proximity.  So often when I hear the word encourage I think of lifting someones spirits or creating positive feelings.  Rarely do I think of courage.  Interestingly, my life’s mission to to cultivate passion and... read more

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